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Employee Recruitment and Retention

As any business owner knows, successful staff recruitment and retention—also known as talent management—is both challenging and time consuming. HR Solutions offers a variety of support services that can help ensure you have the right hiring processes in place and improve retention rates, minimizing time and money spent on training and recruiting.

Recruitment and Hiring

Feel like your life is one big interview? Tired of wasting time talking to people who don’t have the skills to fill your position? Let HR Solutions new division, Recruiting Solutions, manage the hiring process for you.

From asking the right questions upfront to performing all necessary employment background screening and verification, we pre-screen candidates to ensure they have the qualifications you need and are a good fit for your company.

At HR Solutions, we are committed to providing recruitment services that:

  • Create a positive experience for all candidates
  • Market your company effectively
  • Ensure regulatory compliance throughout the process

Employee Retention Programs

High turnover rate costing you time and money? HR Solutions can assess the situation objectively and recommend customized solutions designed to better retain the talent in your organization. Employee reward and recognition programs, enhanced benefits, improved communication and other interventions can improve employee morale and satisfaction—which lead to greater productivity for your business.

Job Analysis and Job Descriptions

Necessary for the recruitment and compensation processes, job descriptions are also a critical component of performance management. HR Solutions can analyze, evaluate, and create legally compliant job descriptions for your organization that provide the framework for your organization to be successful.

On Boarding Programs

An effective new employee orientation program makes new hires feel comfortable and welcome in your organization. HR Solutions can assist you with developing and executing your customized orientation program to communicate your vision and values as well as your company policies and procedures.


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